Professional digital audio workstation



Maximum bit depth / sample rate increase to 24-bit/192 kHz

Record ultra-high-resolution audio on your PC.

Audio event effects

Apply independent effects chains to individual audio events.

Swarm intelligence

Grouped events move together across the timeline and stay in sync when slipped. Groups get saved with your ACID Projects and respond to commands like undo / redo as well as copy / paste.

Every little detail

These processes and filters perform mathematically perfect editing on MIDI events. Choose which notes and MIDI messages you want to record or exclude, modify key velocities, and quantize notes when performing on MIDI instruments.

Hot beats at absolute zero

Projects that use soft synths can tax your computer's resources. Freezing MIDI tracks allows you to convert each MIDI track to a .wav file, effectively taking your soft synths offline.

Straight to the cloud

Upload tracks to the world's most popular music listening destination directly within the ACID interface.


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