Professional digital audio workstation



Inline Editing

Manipulate MIDI data directly on the ACID timeline in piano roll and drum grid interfaces. Edit note positions, velocities, pitch bends, and controller information in the main multitrack interface.

Drum grid mode

ACID Pro 7 Drum Grid Mode provides you with an easy and intuitive way to create and edit drum patterns directly on the timeline.

MIDI track freeze

Freeze MIDI tracks that are routed to soft synths. Once frozen, the tracks are streamed and played back as audio files, conserving valuable CPU processing power.


ACID Pro 7 software addresses even the most complex audio production tasks with ease. With ACID Pro 7, you get the advantages of full-on DAW functionality paired with the built-in time stretching and pitch shifting features that revolutionized music and shook the industry. Ease of use is still paramount, even as the ACID Pro feature set has expanded to encompass the entire spectrum of modern DAW features. ACID Pro 7 is one of the most fun and inspiring music creation software tools on the market.

VST effects support

ACID Pro 7 software natively supports VST effects, including automation of effects parameters, giving you the creative edge.

VSTi automation

Increase your mixing flexibility by incorporating automation envelopes to control VST instruments in your ACID Pro 7 projects.


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