Professional digital audio workstation



Integrated CD burning

ACID Pro 7 software has integrated track-at-once and disc-at-once CD burning, so you can burn audio CDs directly from the timeline at any point in the production process.

Gracenote MusicID

ACID Pro 7 supports Gracenote MusicID, so you can view information about a CD track including, title, artist, and song name, and also submit data.

Easy audio encoding

Powerful encoding functionality lets you save your songs to popular streaming formats for the Web and portable devices. Supported formats include MP3, WMA, WMV, AAC, FLAC, Dolby Digital AC-3 (for surround) and more.

Publish your songs to the Web

Want to get heard? is a premier destination for independent musicians. Join to upload and share compositions, remix songs from major label artists, and collaborate with other members on a wide range of music and multimedia projects.


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