VEGAS Pro 16
Professional video & audio production and disc authoring


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VEGAS Pro Suite

VEGAS Pro 16 Suite
Professional video & audio editing, disc authoring & high-end plug-ins


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VEGAS Pro Suite


For 20 years, VEGAS Pro has stood for professional video editing, audio editing, and disc authoring. Now version 16 includes even more innovative creativity tools like advanced motion tracking, world-class video stabilization, and dynamic storyboarding that deliver incredible results faster than ever.


High-end color workflows

Take your color workflow to the next level. Work in the expanded dynamic range provided by cameras using S-Log encoding and supported by the ACES 1.0 Academy Color Encoding System. This provides the ideal color space for compositing and color grading. A new LUT OFX plug-in enables you to apply both camera and stylistic LUTs to take your projects to new horizons.

Work like never before with creative interaction

New Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins open up endless creative possibilities. Position, re-size, and animate picture-in-picture effects using controls directly on the Preview window and get instant feedback as you make adjustments. Use the same in-Preview controls to crop video or stills for creative effects.

DVD or High Definition Blu-ray Disc authoring

With its drag-and-drop workflow, DVD Architect, included with VEGAS Pro, makes it easy to author a professional-quality DVD or Blu-ray disc. Drag your media onto the workspace to automatically create custom navigation for feature videos, director's notes, sound track music and more. Create custom keyframe-compatible graphic animation and overlays by importing multi-layer Photoshop files. A simple settings re-set enables you to burn an SD DVD and then switch and burn a HD Blu-ray disc.

  • Major user interface innovations
  • Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview
  • Lookup Table (LUT) OFX plug-in
  • Powerful hardware acceleration technologies
  • Instant Freeze Frame
  • Crop OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview
  • ACES 1.0 support
  • Selectively paste event attributes
  • Includes DVD Architect for DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring
  • What our customers say

    Mark Anthony Holmes, Holmes Creative

    "Nothing compares to VEGAS Pro for speed, ease of use and a common sense approach to editing video and audio."


    "No matter what your goal is, Vegas Pro 15 and all its features in its entirety got you covered."

    Bobby B. Grubic, ProVideo Coalition

    "Vegas Pro is a comprehensive, all in one post production "must have" NLE companion with everything you need to create high end projects."

    Christian Wolochow

    "[... ] In contrast to other video editing software, VEGAS Pro offers more options and creative possibilities for editing, rendering and cutting videos. The latest version also enables smoother playback of videos with higher FPS in the preview, making direct editing a whole lot simpler."

    What the press has to say

    01/10/2016 - "A sophisticated editing solution used by many professional film makers and video editors."

    28/08/2017 - "In short, if you've ever found yourself wondering whether or not you're editing as efficiently as possible, VEGAS Pro 15 might be the tool you check out to confirm that suspicion."

    20/10/2016 - "Ready to play: The video editor just works. With its streamlined layout, anyone with basic knowledge of video editing or production can pick up and start using Vegas Pro."

    1/2017 - "[...] Get with Vegas Pro 14 a powerful, stable and fast-reacting professional software, which in detail even makes things better and easier than their professional competitors. Magix revives Vegas Pro again"


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