VEGAS Pro 16
Professional video & audio production and disc authoring


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VEGAS Pro Suite

VEGAS Pro 16 Suite
Professional video & audio editing, disc authoring & high-end plug-ins


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VEGAS Pro Suite



VEGAS Pro 15

VEGAS Pro 15 Suite
Blu-ray and DVD Disc™ Authoring software VEGAS DVD Architect VEGAS DVD Architect
Blu-ray and DVD Disc burning from the timeline

VEGAS Pro Connect support; mobile companion app

Sony Wireless Adapter proxy-first workflow

Hip Hop

Interactive tutorials

Modern window docking controls

Customizable UI

Configurable visible button sets

Saveable and recallable window layouts

UI background color options

Adjustable button icon color strength

Track grouping

Application scripting

Configurable timeline clip event headers

Advanced project archiving

Audio notification of completed render

Filters and special effects Native + NEW: NewBlueFX Filters Ultimate + NEW: HitFilm Movie Essentials Native + NEW: NewBlueFX Filters Ultimate + NEW: HitFilm Movie Essentials
Media generators

Native + NEW: Boris FX Sapphire Render Unit
Text and titles

Native + NEW: NewBlueFX Titler Pro 5
Number of video tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Picture-in-picture OFX plug-in

Crop OFX plug-in

High Frame Rate (HFR) support

Project-wide video Resample mode setting

Resample mode video property

HEVC support 16 presets around 250 presets
HEVC import and export

Native ProRes support

Native ProRes 422 import

Simultaneous video monitoring (local and external monitor)

32-bit float video processing

ACES 1.0

LUT OFX plug-in

SD / HD-SDI support

Support for gigapixel images

4K project support (up to 4096x4096)

CEA-608 Closed Captioning support

Support for multilayer Adobe Photoshop PSD files

Multiple compositing modes

Group video and audio events script

Stereoscopic 3D editing

Bézier Masking Bézier Tool Bézier Tool
Video effects Over 390 Over 390
Smart Upscale effect

Smart Zoom effect

Smart Adaptive Deinterlacing

Vignette video effect

Color match filter

2D and 3D video transitions Over 200 Over 200
Credit rolls / text animation

Image stabilization

White Balance tool

Primary and Secondary color correction

Professional lighting effects

Video scopes: WFM / Vector / Parade / Histogram

Support for 50p and 60p projects

Adjustable Velocity envelopes -100% to 1,000% -100% to 1,000%
Support for Open FX plugins

Complete XDCAM workflow

3D compositing mode

Video track motion (picture in picture)

Number of audio effects Over 35 w / 5.1 FX Over 35 w / 5.1 FX
Max bit depth / sampling rate 24-bit / 192 kHz 24-bit / 192 kHz
CALM Act compliant loudness meters

5.1 surround mixing including film-style panning

5.1 surround and stereo AC-3 encoding

Effects package folders

VST plug-in effect support VST2 VST2
Audio envelopes

ACID loop properties support

Punch-in recording On-the-fly On-the-fly
Tape-style audio scrubbing

ASIO™ driver support

Timestretching Zplane élastique Zplane élastique
Auto-input record monitoring

DAW bussing functionality

Multiple record takes

Red Book Audio CD Mastering / Burning

Editing and Media Management
Selectively paste event attributes

Hover scrub

Project Interchange

Cursor object snapping across events and timeline

Envelope brush painting

Envelope automation recording

Instant freeze frame creation

Smart Proxy editing

Keyboard trimming and event shuffling

Tape-style audio scrubbing

Project nesting

A / V synchronization detection and repair

Real-time event reverse

Dynamic RAM preview

Hardware / Capture / Export
Intel QSV support

External control surface support

AJA Io Express, KONA 3x, LH, LHe, LHi, LS, and LSe support (Digital only)

GPU hardware acceleration

Blackmagic Design HD Extreme / Extreme 3D, Intensity Pro support (Digital only)

Smart Render


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