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VEGAS Pro 16 Suite
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VEGAS Pro 15

Quick Start

Get a quick overview of the VEGAS Pro UI. Identify the various parts of the interface, learn about window docking behavior, how to scrub audio and video to find an edit point, adjust audio volume, and more.

Configuring your Visible Button Sets

Learn how to use the new hamburger menu system to gain quick access to the tools you need. Explore ways to change the visible button set to fit your preferred workflow and how to quickly reset the UI to its default settings.

Creating a Picture-in-Picture composite using the PiP OFX Plug-in

Explore the new Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in. Learn to use the on-Preview Window interacts to set the plug-in parameters and even animate the picture overlay.

Cropping Your Video Image

Using the on-Preview Window interacts, learn how to Crop a single event or the contents of an entire track. Use the animate feature to change parameters over time to animate the crop size and angle.

Applying a LUT filter

LUTs (Lookup tables) provide creative color grading opportunities. Lean how to apply a LUT to a single event, a track, or the final output to achieve special color-grading effects and custom looks.

Selectively Paste Event Attributes

Copying event attributes from one event to another can be a real time-saver. Learn how to copy all the attributes from one event and selectively choose which attributes to paste into another event.

Instantly Creating Freeze Frame Video

A freeze frame can add drama to a video or, in some cases, save the ending of a shot. Learn the quick and easy way to frame-accurately apply a freeze frame anywhere in your project.

Customizing your Workspace with Window Docking Options

VEGAS Pro 15 enables you to customize the workspace to fit your personal workflow. Learn how to undock and dock windows, create floating docks, create, save, and recall custom layouts, and how to quickly return to the default layout.

Selecting Colors for your UI Background and Buttons

Depending on the lighting you are working under or purely as a personal preference you may wish to change the shade of the UI background and or adjust the color-strength of the application icons. This tutorial shows you how.

Working with a Compact Timeline Configuration

VEGAS Pro offers unlimited video and audio tracks. In some cases that can lead to the need to see more tracks and more timeline space to efficiently edit. This tutorial demonstrates several techniques to quickly compact the timeline and vertical track space to provide more room for editing.

Publishing Your Project to Social Media

Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook represent the most popular destinations for sharing video online. Learn how to share your finished project to these destinations directly from the VEGAS Pro timeline.



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