Samplitude Pro X3
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Pro X3
Pro X3 Suite

Independence Sampler with a 12 GB database

Vandal Special Edition

20 virtual instruments

ARA VST extension

Melodyne essential

New mixer layouts

Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder ME

Birdline Platinum Pack V.6.0

Samplitude Pro X3 Suite
Master your ideas


Please select a version:

Pro X3
Pro X3 Suite

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 full version

Independence Sampler with a 70 GB database

Vandal full version

24 virtual instruments

Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

Cleaning & Restoration Suite

Loudness Metering EBU R128/ITU-R BS.1771

True Peak Limiter

Encoder preview (AAC, MP3)

DDP export

Birdline Platinum Pack V.6.0


General editing

Custom workflows, flexible docking options and first-class tools for audio editing at the highest level.

Audio Random Access

Edit projects on a whole new level. In addition to tempo and pitch information, ARA also recognizes intonation and volume levels.


AMelodyne essential is natively integrated in both Samplitude Pro X3 and Samplitude Pro X3 Suite.

Combined with VST extension ARA, it serves as a powerful tool for pitch manipulation.

Real time pitch shift/time stretch

Celemony is both pioneer and market leader when it comes to pitch manipulation. Make the most of this top plug-in in Samplitude.

Timing correction

Stay on point by optimizing the timing of your takes. Adjust, distort or edit recordings with precision.

Audio to MIDI

Transform your audio recordings into MIDI notes in seconds. Fatten up drums or distort vocals and instruments with new sounds.

Editing area

Discover a work environment that suits you. Thanks to the innovative docking concept, Samplitude Pro X3 offers a completely customizable program interface.

Drag & drop, reposition and resize central software elements as well as toolbars.

Mixer layouts

Several skins are included for customizing the design of the mixing console. Select one of the new layouts and modify the width and height of channels.

zplane algorithm

Use the latest zplane algorithm, elastiquePro v3, for time stretching and pitch shifting. This algorithm uses the latest findings from signal processing theory and combines these with psycho-acoustic models.

The result is a complex tool for professional audio editing that preserves transients on a very small number of artifacts, even when heavy manipulation is applied. Maintain natural sound characteristics with time stretching and pitch shifting processes in Samplitude Pro X3.

Track-level spectral editing

Remove unwanted sounds, like coughing or clapping, without audibly affecting the original signal. Spectral editing enables convenient editing at the track level enabling you to make corrections directly in the arrangement, even without activating the spectral display.

Using a spectrogram, unwanted noises are quickly identified according to their color representation and removed - it's ideal for short, clear noises.

Pitch correction for vocals and instruments

Elastic allows you to not only modify the pitch from monophonic instruments and correct out of tune notes in vocal recordings, but also change entire melodies and adjust base frequencies. You can also create harmonized voices, a choir or background vocals in a matter of clicks.

Object-based editing in Samplitude Pro X3 enables you to modify individual words or syllables independently of the vocal track. These object settings can be transferred to several tracks, which is one way of simplifying editing when it comes to larger arrangements.


After a series of takes you can combine the best elements to create the perfect sequence. The Take Composer clearly displays all the recordings of a passage. This lets you compare all takes within the context of the complete arrangement and splice them together with the special modified cutting tool.

Tighten up!

Remember that vinyl from your favorite band with the amazing drum groove? Easily extract rhythms from audio and MIDI files and turn them into groove templates in Samplitude Pro X3. Then at your next drum recording just select the preset and apply your new template to achieve a tight drum sound.

Drum replacement

Exchange elements from a live drum recording with takes from another recording or completely replace them with digital sounds. This way you can combine the natural sound of a snare with a fat sample - without affecting the original rhythm of the drummer.

MIDI Editor

The MIDI editor integrates different editors, views, ranges, and tools. A piano roll, drum editor, score editor, event list and controller editor are all available. You also have complete access to the VST instruments used and you can also specifically set and change any parameter, such as velocity, sustain, and other effects.

Object editing

In addition to classic track-related editing options, Samplitude Pro X3 also features object-level editing. The options are so extensive that it's even possible to route objects to aux and Surround buses. Make changes to object settings in real time. From fades to pitch editing, edits are non-destructive and are calculated during playback.

Custom workspaces

You can customize the arrangement, composition and display of visualizations, the file manager and the transport controls.

Concentrate on what matters: The toolbar can be adjusted to fit various work flows in just a few clicks.


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