Samplitude Pro X3
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Pro X3
Pro X3 Suite

Independence Sampler with a 12 GB database

Vandal Special Edition

20 virtual instruments

ARA VST extension

Melodyne essential

New mixer layouts

Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder ME

Birdline Platinum Pack V.6.0

Samplitude Pro X3 Suite
Master your ideas


Please select a version:

Pro X3
Pro X3 Suite

SOUND FORGE Pro 11 full version

Independence Sampler with a 70 GB database

Vandal full version

24 virtual instruments

Analogue Modelling Suite Plus

Cleaning & Restoration Suite

Loudness Metering EBU R128/ITU-R BS.1771

True Peak Limiter

Encoder preview (AAC, MP3)

DDP export

Birdline Platinum Pack V.6.0


The latest version of Samplitude strengthens core competency in the area of audio editing. Discover editing in a whole new dimension with the ARA interface and Melodyne essential.



The latest update for high-end DAW Samplitude Pro X3 contains over 100 optimizations and new features including seamless integration of external audio editors from Sound Forge or SpectraLayers Pro. The update is available to download for free from all Samplitude Pro X3 customers. Highlights from this update include:

For comprehensive mixing tasks: More than 128 tracks in the side chain menu

Optimized surround master editing with more than 128 mono device outputs

Collaborative: Works seamlessly with SpectraLayers Pro & SOUND FORGE Pro

Get ready for postproduction: Advanced video support for 64-bit version

Customize your sound: Comprehensive editing of automation curve points

Perfect tempo for editing: Optimized switch between BPM and grid mode

New options for rounding off BPM recognition in the object editor

For the perfect workflow: Save effect settings for tracks and mastering

Faster mixing: Copy & paste functions for mixer settings at track level

More customized: Various settings options for VST scans

Import of FLAC and AIFF multi-channel files

Various smaller-scale improvements and bug fixes


Award-winning audio editing

Use the same equipment as Grammy winners. The Melodyne essential plug-in from Celemony contains the legendary tool for correcting recordings with absolute precision. The renowned algorithms give you complex editing solutions for audio recordings.

Pitch editing

Edit the pitch of out of tune vocal recordings on either the note or scale level using just your mouse. Melodyne is well-renowned for producing natural, clean sound while correcting compositions.

Timing correction

Adjust the timing of individual sounds and notes, such as percussion or even melodies, in any recording. The time stretching feature in Melodyne incorporates various musical factors while retaining organic sound sequences.

Integrated ARA

Celemony's ARA expands VST protocols in Samplitude Pro X3 to keep information exchange flowing between the plug-in and host. Plug-ins include access to tempo and pitch information and work even more efficiently.

Audio to MIDI

Double the vocal track using a software instrument, transform audio tracks for remixing in MIDI data or play back beatboxing and everything else you've made from the virtual Drum Machine.

The new Audio to MIDI feature also includes brand new opportunities for showcasing your creative edge.


New mixer setups have been optimized specially for different types of workflows and arrangements allowing you to keep everything in view, whether you're working on 10 tracks or 100. The design brings together the best of two worlds so you can combine the analog atmosphere with all the advantages of digital freedom.

Tempo Automation & BPM Calculator

Samplitude Pro X3 automatically calculates the tempo of an audio recording in the background. Combined with the project tempo map, it's a powerful tool for music production.

When working with the tempo switch within the arrangement, the tempo of your audio recording automatically adjusts to the parameters set for your project.


Orange Vocoder ME by Zynaptiq

Using the Orange Vocoder ME and the presets supplied, you can expand your repertoire of experimental sound with unique new sound collections.

Comment function for tracks, objects and takes

Make comments on adjustments in objects and tracks or evaluate single takes as they're being recorded. The Info Manager is your digital notepad and gives you detailed info right in the middle of an arrangement.

New start dialog

Adjust sample rate, bit depth and other project settings even before you start recording. This means you'll be ready to capture spontaneous ideas right as you think of them.


Pop Drums

Pop Drums include an authentic mix of electronic and acoustic drum sets. Lay down a powerful foundation for music in genres from New Wave and Pop to Rock and EDM.

Concert Grand

Based on the a recording of a concert grand in an international concert hall, this piano is impressive with its character and detailed articulation.

Cinematic Soundscapes

Weave a colorful tapestry of sound or create atmospheric background music. Cinematic Soundscapes adds a sense of depth and tension to your productions.

Church Organ

This software instrument is based on an authentically sampled Venetian church organ. A huge range of options for sound manipulation expand the repertoire of these instruments even further. They're perfect for use in rock ballads, hip hop tracks and modern dance productions.



Birdline Platinum Pack V.6.0 offers an extensive array of interface designs for Samplitude Pro X3. Includes interfaces for mixer, track editor, VIP, color profile and MIDI editor.


DDP export

Due to popular request, DDP export is now also included in Samplitude. In addition to physical mastering, you can transfer data digitally with checksum. This guarantees a smooth pressing process.

MP3/AAC audition plug-in

The new preview plug-in enables you to preview results before export and guarantees outstanding sound for your mix. Work on pitch to do away with muffled sounds of compressed formats or factor in features from various encoders to create masters compatible with iTunes and other music platforms.


Comprehensive functions in the areas of editing and mastering make SOUND FORGE Pro 11 the perfect companion plug-in for Samplitude Pro X3 Suite. The powerful Audio Editor works on a precise, sample-based level and offers an excellent selection of tools for mixing and finalizing music productions.


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